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A Big Announcement From Executive Director Amanda Beatriz Williams

June 14, 2022

We have some big news. ?

Amanda Beatriz Williams is going to step down from her role as Executive Director in mid-January 2023 after nearly seven years of service. We hope you’ll join us in celebrating the many groundbreaking milestones Lilith Fund has reached during Amanda’s tenure. We’ll be sharing some of those in the upcoming months.

A collage of 9 photos featuring Amanda Beatriz Williams, including with the Lilith Fund team, speaking at rallies and press conferences at the Texas Capitol, Austin City Hall, Texas State Courthouse, and the steps of the Supreme Court.

For now, here is a note from Amanda to the Lilith Fund community: 

I am writing to share the news that in mid-January of 2023, I will be stepping down from my role as Executive Director of Lilith Fund after nearly seven years. 

I have experienced such incredible joy, growth, and transformation in my role as Executive Director, so it is with mixed emotions that I begin to prepare for this next chapter. I am so thoroughly grateful to have been in service to the organization’s mission, and so humbled to have been entrusted by the board, staff, and our broader community to lead this beloved organization. I come to this moment knowing that this is the right time because Lilith Fund is stronger than ever. 

Since I became Executive Director in 2016, Lilith Fund’s organizational budget has grown from $350,000 to nearly $2.8 million. During my tenure at Lilith Fund, we have served thousands of clients in accessing abortion care. When I started my role at Lilith Fund, I was the only full-time staff member, and now we have a team of eleven talented and dedicated employees. To say I am proud of the team I have built and the work we’ve done together the last several years would be an understatement. This growth is a testament to the power of our work together and demonstrates the incredible support Lilith Fund has cultivated over the years. 

Along the way, I’ve had the honor and privilege of working alongside an immensely talented team that helped me steer Lilith Fund through this incredible transformation. They have made me the leader I am today.  

While moving on is always difficult, I’m grateful for the distinct opportunity to reflect on the achievements we’ve won together. What started as a small hard-working group of mostly-volunteer advocates grew into a truly powerful organization that has earned its place as a courageous and respected voice within our larger movement. Over the course of the next several months, we’ll be sharing some reflections of Lilith Fund’s work and growth under my leadership, and I hope you will join me in celebrating just how far we’ve come—none of which would be possible without our dedicated community of Lilith Fund donors and supporters like you!

I will continue to be in my role as Executive Director until mid-January 2023 and will support the Board of Directors as they embark on a transition and hiring process in the coming months. Please be on the lookout for more information, hiring announcements, and ways to support our leadership transition. 

Thank you for putting your trust in our work of funding abortion and for your ongoing commitment to Lilith Fund’s future.