Apply to join our Board of Directors

The Lilith Fund, a Texas-based reproductive justice abortion fund, is looking for energetic leaders with a commitment to abortion access to join our Board of Directors. Lilith provides direct financial assistance to low-income Texans seeking abortion services and our board members actively oversee and participate in the work of the organization.

We have a wide and diverse client base and we hope to achieve that kind of diversity in our board. Lilith is also an organization that has provided many opportunities to young leaders to gain valuable experience serving on the Board of Directors and we encourage young people to apply. As an organization committed to reproductive justice, we have a responsibility to create a pipeline of leadership and development opportunities for young people, low-income people, people of color, LGBTQ people and others who are repeatedly and systematically affected by reproductive inequities.

Although our office is based in Austin, we are particularly interested in recruiting board members from the Houston/Gulf Coast area, San Antonio, and south Texas.

The Lilith Fund has recently added a part-time staff member, but board members will have the responsibilities and duties of a working board.  Board members should expect to spend at least 8 hours per month working for the organization.  Our board meets monthly, either in person or via conference call. We will offer partially subsidized travel costs to board members traveling to board meetings in Austin.

There is an application and interview process for interested applicants. Please submit a completed board application and a resume to [email protected] by June 22, 2012.