Fund-a-Thon 2022

Frequently Asked Questions

😕 What is Fund-a-Thon? Great question! Fund-a-Thon is a nationwide fundraising event coordinated by the National Network for Abortion Funds. Participants of Fund-a-Thon ask the people they know to help them reach a personally meaningful fundraising goal by making a donation to their local abortion fund. In Central and Southeast Texas, that’s us!

In addition to the usual fundraising, we’ll be adding an organizing component to this year’s Fund-a-Thon through weekly advocacy challenges! These challenges will serve as ways to show you the different ways you can advocate for abortion access in the midst of the Texas abortion ban. When you sign up for Fund-a-Thon, you’ll be sent a calendar showing each week’s challenge. We’ll be here to support you in completing the challenge. Each week, we’ll raffle off a prize for teams that complete the challenge!

📅 When is Fund-a-Thon? Our  Fund-a-Thon starts April 11 and runs through May 31. That means you have until the end of May to create or join a team to fundraise OR give to a team to support Fund-a-Thon.

🤔 Why should I participate? Your support is more important than ever as we adapt to the restrictions caused by the implementation of SB 8 in Texas, an extreme, unconstitutional anti-abortion bill that bans abortion at 6 weeks. Since the law took effect on September 1—nearly seven months ago—we’ve seen a significant drop in hotline callers. While it is devastating that fewer people are seeking care because of the restrictions of the law, this has allowed us to offer increased support to our Texas callers in compliance with SB 8, as well as those accessing abortion out of state. We hope to continue to grow our support in order to meet the ever-changing needs of our callers. Whether you fundraise or complete our actions, you’re making a difference!

👑 What do team captains do? Team captains lead the charge. They recruit up to 5 teammates and create a team page. Team captains rally their friends and encourage them to meet their personal fundraising goals; each teammate commits to raising at least $100. Captains will be the primary contact for the event for their team. We’re committed to making it easy for you—we have an arsenal of tools to help you fundraise creatively and recruit people to join your team!

👉🏼 *** Be sure you create both a team page and a personal page. *** You can create a team by clicking the ‘Become a Fundraiser’ button on the main page. After you create a team, select ‘Join this Team’ to create your personal fundraising page. Don’t be afraid to get creative — come up with a theme, be silly, be bold. Whatever it takes to make your page shine!

☄️What if I’d rather join an existing team? Contact our Development Director, Blanca, at [email protected] and she can connect you with teams looking for members. This is an opportunity to meet people in your city committed to reproductive justice and abortion access, to build community, and join a larger movement.

💰 What’s the best way to fundraise? There are many ways to raise money throughout Fund-a-Thon. 

🤸I’m unable to do all of the weekly activities! Can I still be a part of Fund-a-Thon? Yes! We know everyone has commitments that can affect whether or not you are able to do the advocacy challenge for the week. Ultimately, we are aiming to show you the myriad of ways you can start to advocate for abortion access in your every day life. Don’t worry if you can’t participate every week – we’re all doing our best!

🐣 I still have questions. Where can I find answers? Contact our Development Director, Blanca, at [email protected] for help! She’ll get an answer to you and point you to the right resources.