Gaslit, A Reproductive Justice Podcast

Our new podcast, Gaslit, is all about reproductive justice and the fight to restore abortion access in Texas.  We’ve been working on this for a while, even before gaslighting got its word-of-the-year glow up.

A vibrant watercolor painting of a hand, close up. The hand belongs to a femme with long, purple nails holding a flaming, green, translucent bottle. On their nails, painted words that read “Gay Abortion Shit.” Superimposed on the painting it reads, GASLIT, A Reproductive Justice Podcast with an illustrated purple sine wave representing sound below. At the bottom right, an all-white version of the Lilith Fund logo.

Our government has long been gaslighting pro-abortion Texans into thinking that an abortion ban is normal. But it’s not. Join your hosts Shae and Erika for eight episodes coming to you from someplace in Texas. We’ll interview the Texans who are on the ground in the hellscape and talk about what #reprojustice means to us.

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Look out for new episodes on Fridays. Future guests include a Texas abortion provider and repro organizers on the border. Let us know what you think and what you want to hear from us in future episodes.