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The Lilith Fund is a leading advocate on Texas abortion issues, especially how barriers to access disproportionately affect low income Texans.  If you have media requests, please contact [email protected]

Op-Eds We’ve Written:

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Roe v. Wade’s 40th Anniversary

Places We’ve Been Interviewed:

Dallas News: Texas Abortion Clinics to Reopen, But Women Are Left in Limbo

San Antonio Current: Lawyers Look to Supreme Court in Abortion Case

ABC News: Texas Abortion Clinics: More Calls, Longer Waits

Huffington Post: Abortion Access In Texas Now Only For Wealthy

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Think Progress: Abortion Providers in Texas are Canceling Their Patients’ Appointments

Think Progress: States are Driving Up the Cost of Abortions, So Non-Profits are Stepping in to Help

San Antonio Current: SB5: Dead Anti-Abortion Bill Sees New Life in Special Session

San Antonio Current: Texas Abortion Providers Fear They May Not Survive New Regulations

RH Reality Check: As HB2 Takes Effect, Groups Help Pay For Abortions, Travel for Texans in Crisis

Next New Deal: Federal Abortion Decision Doesn’t Just Limit Abortion: It Creates a Crisis for Women’s Healthcare in Texas

Al Jazeera: Texas Anti-Abortion Law Forces Women to Make Tough Choices

Huffington Post: The Return of the Back Alley Abortion

RH Reality Check: Rick Perry: Legislature Will Work Out Punishment for Women Seeking Later Abortions Under Proposed Ban

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RH Reality Check: A Third-Year Law Student Discusses Her Work on Abortion Access in Texas

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Abortion is Healthcare

Why Do We Need Abortion Funds?