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Join Our Hype Squad

You’ve found the Texas Abortion Hype Squad. We’re happy you’re here and ready to hype abortion access! We are kicking off big time in February 2024.

Being part of Hype Squad means showing up for each other, even in these difficult times. The Texas abortion ban is forcing Texans to travel great distances for abortion care and putting pregnant Texans’ lives and health at risk every day. Hype Squad is here to spread fact-based information about how to access abortion, take creative action, end stigma, and build a base to fight for an end to all abortion bans. 

With support from Lilith Fund, Hype Squad will spread the word about how Texans can access abortion. By taking creative action in their communities, Hype Squad is breaking down the barriers people face in accessing abortion care. Some of the things Hype Squad members do: 

  • Taking to the streets to spread information about abortion
  • Canvassing in our communities to build a base for abortion access 
  • Participating in community events to answer questions about abortion access for Texans
  • Getting trained up on WTF is happening with abortion 
  • Learning how to talk about abortion to as many Texans as possible 

One thing we have learned is that the courts will not keep us safe—only we keep each other safe and informed.

How do I get started?

Hype Squad members must participate in a virtual training, either by attending live or watching a recording. 

Hype Squad members will receive toolkits in the mail as soon as possible. Texas Abortion Hype Squad membership is limited to people who reside in Texas. We are not able to ship toolkits to anyone outside of Texas, but we encourage out-of-state friends who want to help expand abortion access to find your local abortion fund and jump in to support abortion seekers in your backyard.

After you sign up, you’ll receive more information on how to register for an orientation and next steps.