Lilith Fund 2013 Bowl-a-Thons!

Lilith’s 4th annual 2013 Bowl-a-thon Fundraisers have begun! Sign up to bowl with us in Austin, San Antonio, and Houston.  

Along with our sister abortion funds nationwide, we’re raising money online for reproductive access and capping it all off with bowling parties in Austin, San Antonio and Houston in April. If you participated last year, you know the Bowl-A-Thons are a fundraiser like no other. In 2012, we raised over $23,000 for the Lilith Fund. Join us this year to help us beat our goal of $25,000!

Bowl-A-Thon FAQ:

*How do I participate?* 

To register as a team captain — all it takes is* 6* awesome people who like to bowl and care about reproductive justice. Each gutterball queen or king will commit to raise *$100* for the Lilith Fund. As a team captain, you will rally your team to be the best that they can be. Don’t worry, we’ll give you tips and tools to raise above and beyond. Think about it — I’m sure you know 4 people who would surely donate a mere $25, and just like that, you’ve met your goal!

*How will **my** awesomeness compare to the awesomeness of the other participants?*

We’re using a totally swank online fundraising system that promises to make your online tracking of donations super simple.

There is also a brand-new points system that we will use to award prizes to participants who collect them! You get points for captaining a team, logging into the website, raising money, and sharing your page with friends on Twitter, Facebook, and via email.

*What if I don’t have a team?*

Contact us at [email protected] and we will hook you up with teams looking for bowlers, and bowlers looking for teams. Think about all the awesome like-minded Hyde Strikers you could meet!

*What if I am an amateur bowler and not a bowling rock star?*

The best part is… Bowling is completely optional! Your team can choose not to bowl. You can come to the Bowl-a-Thon and cheer. You cheer for the bowlers. You cheer for prizes. You cheer for reproductive justice. You cheer, or just drink or consume delicious bowling alley enchiladas, it’s your call.

Other opportunities to support Lilith at events:

  • Help plan and host upcoming events and fundraisers

Whether it’s the annual Reproductive Equity Awards, house parties throughout Texas, or book signings featuring prominent authors, the Lilith Fund usually has an event in the works. We need volunteers to help with all aspects of organizing these events and fundraisers.

  • Host your own benefit event

We’ll happily support your house party, happy hour, Twitter fundraiser or other benefit event. Just let us know your plans and we’ll help ensure that your event is a success. Whether you collect $20 in lieu of birthday gifts or raise $2,000 at a giant neighborhood yard sale – every event helps!

Email [email protected] to get involved.