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Lilith Fund Resumes Funding Abortions for Texans

April 3, 2023

Change comes after a federal judge ruled that prosecutors cannot enforce the Texas abortion ban on abortions that are obtained in other states

AUSTIN — Lilith Fund has resumed funding abortions for Texans who are forced to leave the state to access care. Lilith Fund is providing funding for abortion care in states where abortion is legal. 

Last month, U.S. District Judge Robert Pitman granted a preliminary injunction and ruled that Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and other local prosecutors in Texas cannot enforce the Texas abortion ban on abortions that are obtained in other states. This made it possible for Texas abortion funds to provide financial and practical assistance for Texans accessing abortion care out of state without fear of criminal prosecution.

Paxton and other state officials have repeatedly threatened Texas abortion funds with criminalization in online communications, in letters, and on TV, forcing Lilith Fund and other funds to pause direct funding of abortion care. Lilith Fund pivoted to funding non-abortion reproductive healthcare—ultrasounds, contraception, etc.—as we fought in court.

Statement from Lilith Fund Interim Executive Director Neesha Davé:

“We are overjoyed to be able to fund abortions for Texans again. While we have been proud to fund other essential healthcare for our hotline callers, funding abortion is what we are here to do. Even though no one should have to leave home for healthcare, it means everything to us to support Texans who have been forced to travel to access abortion care.”