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Lilith Fund’s statement of solidarity on the recent Orlando Shooting

June 13, 2016

We are in deep mourning after learning of the tragic mass shooting in Orlando, Florida where a man shot and killed 50 people and injured 53 at Pulse, a known LGBTQIA nightclub. Notably, the shooting happened on a Latin dance night, and many of the victims’ names that have been released so far are Latinx. This targeted attack on queer people of color is said to be the nation’s deadliest mass shooting since Wounded Knee.

We are reeling from this tragedy. Our hearts break for the victims and their families, friends, and communities.

As an active participant in the movement and pursuit towards reproductive justice for all, we are united in solidarity against any form of violence towards those living at the various intersections of race, gender, trans, and queer identities.

Queer and trans people of color continue to fight vigorously to resist and dismantle the institutions that work to control and suppress our bodies, sexualities, identities, and humanity. These very institutions breed the hate and fear that allowed the shooter to commit such heinous violence. We all must recognize that we cannot have reproductive justice without justice for and liberation of queer and trans people of color. We cannot leave anyone behind in the fight for abortion rights and bodily autonomy.

We are in solidarity with the rest of our community members who are also reeling from this severe violation of what have been our safe spaces, like Pulse has been for many in Orlando. Furthermore, we strongly denounce the fear-mongering rhetoric and violent threats directed at Muslim members of our community, who are continuing to be terrorized by misplaced hate and Islamophobia.

We are resilient, fierce, and united in the face of the hatred that actively attempts to silence and reject who we are. This attack did not occur in a political vacuum and we do not accept that it was unavoidable. We demand meaningful change from our nation; queer and trans people of color deserve to live and thrive in safety.

We are with you, Orlando.

In solidarity,

Queer members of Lilith Fund’s Board of Directors and Executive Director on behalf of Lilith Fund


PS – To support the Orlando community, click here.