Now Recruiting: Spanish Hotline Volunteers!

Are you interested in reproductive justice? Do you want to directly help Texans access abortion services? The Lilith Fund for Reproductive Equity is currently seeking 3 – 4 hotline volunteers for our Spanish language hotline. 

Lilith Fund hotline volunteers provide direct assistance to low-income people seeking abortion services in Texas. All you need is a phone, internet access, and 4 hours per month. You will be responsible for returning phone calls left by women in need of funding for abortion services. 

Our next volunteer training will be in San Antonio in June. Spanish language volunteers can also be trained remotely. To apply to be a volunteer, send a completed volunteer application (PDF) to Hotline Coordinator Kat Craft at [email protected].

Spanish Language Hotline Volunteer Description

Title: Spanish language hotline volunteer

Position description: Hotline volunteers provide direct assistance to low-income women seeking abortion services in Texas. All you need is a phone, internet access, and 4 hours per month. You will be responsible for returning phone calls left by women in need of funding for abortion services. With each woman requesting help, the volunteer listens to the woman’s story, provides guidance and suggestions for raising the needed funds, and where possible provides a grant to cover a portion of the cost of the abortion. The volunteer then sends a voucher to the clinic with Lilith’s funding commitment. Finally, the volunteer logs the case into the Lilith client database. A phone and computer with internet access is required.

Hours: The call volume on the Spanish language hotline is light, approximately 4 – 6 calls per week. Spanish language volunteers commit to one week shifts; they return calls on the Monday, Wednesday, and Friday of that week. Total time commitment is 3 – 4 hours for the entire week. The Lilith Fund hotline is a voice mail system so volunteers return calls at their convenience. Shifts can be completed anywhere as long as volunteers have access to the internet and a phone. Our Spanish language hotline volunteers are typically expected to commit to at least one shift every other month for a year.

Position requirements: Lilith volunteers must be passionate about reproductive justice and committed to making sure that poverty does not prevent a woman from having access to the same rights as other women. Familiarity with Excel or other spreadsheet software is helpful. Training is provided.

Application process: Prospective volunteers fill out an application listing their contact information, opinions on reproductive health issues, particular volunteer interests, and references. The volunteer coordinator and/or executive committee review these applications and determine whether the volunteer is a good fit for Lilith.