Lilith Fund Organizer

Lilith Fund is seeking an experienced grassroots Organizer in Austin, TX who will co-create, launch, and staff a new Client Engagement Program. The Organizer will design creative ways to engage the communities we serve and support support our clients along their journeys to becoming movement leaders. They will develop and implement organizing strategies to center our clients’ experiences and build grassroots collective power. The position is full time and pays $40-$45K plus benefits.

About Lilith Fund

Lilith Fund, founded in 2001, funds abortion and advocates for change through the movement for reproductive justice. Lilith Fund operates a mostly volunteer-run hotline in order to provide direct financial assistance to people in the southern half of Texas seeking abortion care. Last year, we provided grants to more than 1,400 people who otherwise would not have been able to afford a safe abortion. Lilith Fund also engages in local and statewide movement-building, organizing, and policy advocacy work in order to create systemic change. Lilith Fund is a women of color-led organization.

About the Client Engagement Program

The CEP will be designed to support abortion fund clients so they may:

This is a brand new program, which means that the State Coordinator will be working along with the Executive Directors, staff, and stakeholders to design and implement the program during its first year.

Primary Responsibilities


Secondary Responsibilities


Required Qualifications: 

The Organizer will have basic knowledge and understanding of: reproductive justice framework, anti-racist organizing principles

The Organizer should have excellent experience in or understanding of: grassroots community organizing, advocacy, proactive communication, program development and management, goal-setting and evaluation/measurements of success

The Organizer should have a demonstrated ability to: build meaningful relationships, work with front-line communities, receive and offer critical feedback, work collaboratively, develop and manage new programs, be flexible, articulate and reach goals, work through tensions and conflicts, utilize organizational tools/technology (i.e., email, Google Suite, Slack, Trello, Tresorit, EveryAction), document progress, adapt to rapidly changing situations in politically challenging environment

The Lilith Fund Organizer should be someone who has established understanding  of the political landscape of Texas, preferably Austin, and be able to demonstrate the  impact of their organizing work on a local or state level.


Prefered Qualifications (not required):


Values-driven Hiring

Lilith Fund is committed to investing in the leadership of people of color, people who have had abortions and/or who have received funding from an abortion fund(s), low-income people, immigrant people, Native people, formerly incarcerated people, queer, and trans people. We do not discourage or discriminate against people with convictions, and you will not be asked if you have ever been convicted of a crime on the application or interview.

Position Details

This full-time salaried position will be located in Austin, TX and the desired start date is March 1, 2018. The position is remote but the Organizer will meet weekly with Executive Director in Austin. Some travel within Lilith Fund service areas (Austin, Houston, San Antonio) and minimal travel outside of the state (for conferences/professional development) will be required. Depending on qualifications, the salary ranges between $40,000-$45,000 per year plus benefits. This position does not include any expectation of fundraising. The Organizer directly reports to the Executive Director.

How to Apply

Submit a 1 page cover letter and resume attached in email titled “Organizer, [your name]” to