The Lilith Fund is run by volunteers throughout Texas who care passionately about abortion access and economic justice. There are many ways you can help us fulfill our mission.

Sign Up For Our Email List

Sign up for our email and mailing list to stay up to date on news, actions, and the work we’re doing to provide reproductive equity in Texas.

Volunteer with Our Hotline

Ever since the Lilith Fund was founded in 2001, we have offered both English- and Spanish-language hotlines.  Our hotline volunteers help return clients’ calls.

All you need is a phone, internet access, and at least 3 hours per month. You will be responsible for returning voicemails and working with clients to see them through the process of getting funding for their abortion.

Volunteer training is generally offered twice a year.  To be accepted for training, candidates must fill out our hotline volunteer application.

Download our English Hotline Volunteer job description here or our Spanish Language Volunteer job description here.

Help Us Plan & Host Upcoming Events

Whether it’s the annual Reproductive Equity Awards, house parties throughout Texas, or film screenings, the Lilith Fund usually has an event in the works.  We need volunteers to help with all aspects of organizing these events and fundraisers. Fill out our volunteer form to get started.

Host Your Own Fundraiser!

One of the best ways to support us is to host your own fundraiser. This gives you the chance to tell your friends and family why abortion access is an important issue for you. We’ll happily support your house party, happy hour, Twitter fundraiser or other benefit event.  Just let us know your plans and we’ll help ensure that your event is a success.  Whether you collect $20 in lieu of birthday gifts or raise $2,000 at a giant neighborhood yard sale – every event helps! Fill out our volunteer form to get started.

Help with Our Mailings

The Lilith Fund completes several major bulk mailings a year to send out our annual report, recruit donors and sponsors, announce upcoming events, and solicit donations. Fill out our volunteer form to get started.

Are You Grant-Savvy?

If so, we need your help! The Lilith Fund relies on grants from various foundations and agencies to continue operating. Fill out our volunteer form to get started.

Outreach in the Community

Many amazing events happen all over Texas where we’d like to connect with the community and talk about what we do. If you’re interested in joining our outreach committee, you can help us by handing out flyers or brochures, tabling at conventions or campus events, or being a representative of Lilith Fund in the community. We’ll help by giving you materials and talking points, and you can help us by donating time and passion to our cause. We need outreach members throughout the state. Fill out our volunteer form to get started.