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Statement on the End of Roe from Lilith Fund 

June 24, 2022

AUSTIN —  Today, an extremist Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade in a stunning reversal of almost 50 years of legal precedent  related to reproductive and constitutional rights. 

The decision from the Supreme Court in the Jackson Women’s Health v. Dobbs case has unique implications for Lilith Fund as an organization based in Texas, which has been a test battleground for anti-abortion activists. In Texas, there are statutes that pre-date the Roe v. Wade decision that these activists incorrectly argue could go back into effect as a result of the Dobbs decision. While legal analysis is still in the early stages, we understand the pre-Roe statutes specifically make “furnishing the means to procure an abortion” illegal in Texas with civil and criminal penalties. Our organization has been repeatedly threatened by activists and even legislators, even without any real basis in law.

Because of this, Lilith Fund has been forced to pause direct funding of abortion care while we evaluate the impact of the recent decision by the United States Supreme Court in the Jackson Women’s Health v. Dobbs case. Our hotline will remain open to provide information to callers, and we will continue to build reproductive justice programming to meet community needs in compliance with the new law. 

We want to protect our abortion fund staff and volunteers to the greatest degree possible from the risk of arrest and involvement with the racist criminal justice system. While we are forced to comply with the new law, we will continue to organize and build power with our communities to ultimately change it.

Statement from Amanda Beatriz Williams, Executive Director:

“We can’t overstate how devastating this ruling is to the communities we serve. Abortion funds have been sounding the alarm about this happening for years, but knowing it was coming does not diminish the deep harm this will cause, especially among low-income people of color living in the South. While we are heartbroken by this news, we will not close our hotline, which will remain open to provide information to Texans. Today we are grieving, but tomorrow we will continue our fight. And while we are forced to comply with the law, abortion funds are experts in building power in our communities and we aren’t going to stop showing up for pregnant Texans.”