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Texas Abortion Funds Take The Fight For Abortion Access To The Capitol

April 9, 2019

Organizations that support Texans seeking abortion care came from the Rio Grande Valley, El Paso, Dallas-Ft. Worth, Houston, San Antonio, and Austin

AUSTIN — All Texans deserve access to affordable and safe abortion care. That is the message that representatives from abortion funds across the state brought to the Capitol today.  Abortion funds support clients seeking abortion care with small monetary grants and/or practical support for travel and lodging. Abortion funds were represented at the Capitol today by fund clients, staff and board members, and volunteers.

Z. Edwards, Abortion Coordinator, The Afiya Center’s SYS Fund:

“The Afiya Center is ecstatic to be a part of this day at the Capitol. We are firm on being PRO CHOICE, as we believe that every woman has the right to choose what they do with their bodies. We fight to break the chains that keep us locked within the barriers that hinder us from being educated on sexual reproductive health and reproductive justice.

Abortion is a NEED and is a part of SELF CARE!”

Mari Hernandez, Treasurer, The Bridge Collective

“Texas Abortion Funds Advocacy Day is an important day for our groups to come together in solidarity with people across the state to inform our representatives about the importance of abortion care. We hope to build a path to reproductive justice and create a context where we value all Texans and respect their choices.”

Katya Strinka, Board Member, Clinic Access Support Network (CASN)

“We are thrilled to join forces with abortion funds across Texas here in our state Capitol on behalf of all vulnerable people who face barriers to accessing healthcare. We’re here to speak our truths to power and ask our representatives to represent us, the pro-choice majority.”

Ofelia Alonso, Volunteer, La Frontera Fund

“We are excited to speak truth to power at this legislative session with our fellow abortion funds! We love seeing proactive legislation like Rosie’s Law be supported by Texans from all over the state.”

Melissa Flores, President, Board of Directors, Fund Texas Choice:

“Fund Texas Choice is honored to serve as an advocate for our clients. We are committed to helping Texans overcome the unique geographic barriers that are illuminated by the state’s restrictive abortion laws. However, we envision a future in which our services are no longer necessary, in which abortion is embraced as healthcare and a human right. As a human right, abortion is equitably accessible across political, economic and social systems so that people can maintain bodily autonomy and create the futures that are best for themselves, their families, and their communities.”

Eleanor Grano, Community Outreach and Youth Engagement Coordinator, Jane’s Due Process:

“Jane’s Due Process is thrilled to be at the Capitol today and stand in solidarity with our clients to advocate for the reproductive rights of teens in Texas.”

JDP Peer Support Leader HK Gray sums it up best: “Teens are disproportionately impacted by financial and logistical barriers to abortion in Texas. This has to change.’’’

Amanda Beatriz Williams, Executive Director, Lilith Fund:

“To see abortion funds and practical support organizations from around Texas come together to advocate at the Capitol is a testament to how much we have built together since 2013. As the attacks on reproductive rights and justice from anti-choice legislators have ripped through our state, our resolve to work together with our communities is only getting stronger.”

Kamyon Conner, Executive Director, Texas Equal Access Fund:

“Abortion Funds create magic when they collaborate in radical ways to increase access to abortion through collective power. It is so empowering to be at the Capitol with abortion funds from all over the state of Texas to advocate for abortion access. The Texas legislators that are determined to push abortion out of reach in our state will find these feirce advocates are dedicated and unwavering. Texas Abortion Funds Advocacy Day uplifts the voices of those we serve and the communities we are determined to thrive. We will always advocate for health, safety and autonomy of all people.”

Ana Hernandez, Sexual Health Education Policy, West Fund:

“We’re proud to have this day at the Capitol to demand abortion without apology. All Texans deserve the information, ability, and resources to make their own healthcare decisions. Everything from comprehensive sexual health education, to Medicaid expansion, and abortion access ensure the success and happiness of all people.”

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The Afiya Center’s Supporting Your Sistah Fund provides compassionate practical support using a Reproductive Justice framework. We want to ensure that Black women of color have the support they need to receive the full spectrum of reproductive healthcare which includes abortion access.

The Bridge Collective provides information, transportation, accommodation, and abortion doula services to help Texans navigate abortion services.

By mobilizing the power of volunteers, Clinic Access Support Network (CASN) provides transportation, accommodation, childcare assistance, and emotional support to people seeking abortion care in Houston.

Frontera Fund provides practical support and funding for abortion to people seeking abortions in the Rio Grande Valley and to people living in the Rio Grande Valley who have to travel to other clinics in Texas and out of state.

Fund Texas Choice helps Texans equitably access abortion through safe, confidential, and comprehensive travel services and practical support.

Jane’s Due Process ensures legal representation for pregnant minors in Texas. Created in 2001, Jane’s Due Process is recognized in parental involvement states as a pioneer in delivering legal services to pregnant teens. The core of the JDP program is its statewide toll-free legal hotline, lawyer referral program and web site.

Lilith Fund funds abortion in central and southern regions of Texas and advocates for change through the movement for reproductive justice.

TEA Fund provides funding to low-income people in the northern region of Texas who are seeking abortion and cannot afford it, while simultaneously working to end barriers to abortion access through community education and shifting the current culture toward reproductive justice.

West Fund works to make abortions accessible for all people in West Texas and New Mexico.