Welcoming Ana Rodriguez, Rosie’s Law Legislative Campaign Coordinator!

A photo of a person with long, dark hair looking into the camera in front of a background of trees. They wear a shirt with black and white flowers and bright pink lipstick.

Join Lilith Fund, TEA Fund, and Frontera Fund in welcoming Ana Rodriguez, the new Rosie’s Law Legislative Campaign Coordinator. Ana will be leading our team in fighting for Rosie’s Law at the Texas Legislature this year. If passed, Rosie’s Law would restore insurance coverage of abortion for Texans. Currently, Texans access to insurance coverage of abortion—whether public or private— is banned. Rosie’s Law would therefore make a huge difference in making abortion care accessible to Texans.

Ana is deeply knowledgeable about organizing communities, the legislative process, and how people are impacted when healthcare is out of reach. The barriers Ana has faced in accessing medical care as an undocumented Latina have informed her fight to ensure Texans can get the healthcare they need, including abortion care. Ana has been working to build the world that will allow people like her to thrive since she was first politicized by the youth-led immigrant rights movement in 2006. Ana earned her BS in Political Science and her Masters of Social Work from the University of Houston. Since then, Ana has worked as a staffer in the Texas legislature, most recently as Rep. Eric Johnson’s Deputy Chief of Staff in the 84th legislative session.

In her last professional role, Ana was an immigrant justice community organizer in Colorado where she helped win a city wide fight for a  Sanctuary Policy and Immigrant Legal Defense Fund in Denver, which ensures that local law enforcement do not cooperate with federal immigration enforcement and that immigrants in Denver have access to a lawyer. While in Colorado, she also fought to expand the immigrant driver’s license program, led deportation resistance work, and a campaign to shut down the local private immigrant detention center.

“I’m excited to work with abortion funds and build towards a future where we do not just win Rosie’s law, but also include undocumented people like me in Medicaid, and eradicate the racial disparities in maternal health so that Black mothers and Black pregnant people can thrive.”

You can take action to fight for Rosie’s Law here.