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What The Most Recent Supreme Court Decision on Abortion Means For Texans

June 24, 2022

Updated: April 19, 2023

Is abortion legal in Texas? 

A: Abortion was banned in Texas 30 days after the overturn of Roe v. Wade in the recent decision from the Supreme Court of the United States. Those performing abortions and potentially those who “aid or abet” abortions in Texas will be subject to significant criminal penalties at that time, but a pregnant person cannot be prosecuted.  Additionally, SB8 still imposes civil penalties of $10,000 on anyone other than a pregnant person who provides or assists with abortions in Texas, and allows any person in Texas (other than state employees) to sue under its provisions.

How do I find a clinic I can go to out of state?

A: Visit or for information. 

How long should I expect to be traveling to get an abortion? How much time off do I need?

A: Time away for your appointment depends on many factors, including where your appointment is located and what laws are in effect in the state where your appointment is located.  Visit or for information. 

Can Lilith Fund help pay for my abortion procedure?

A: Lilith Fund is funding abortion care for Texans, in states where abortion is legal. If you live in Texas and would like to talk to Lilith Fund, please call 1-877-659-4304 on Monday, Wednesday, or Friday between 7am-10am CST and leave a message. A member of our team will call you back. You can also visit for a list of resources for Texans. 

Can Lilith Fund help pay for other pregnancy-related costs or healthcare? 

A: Yes, we are also offering direct financial assistance for reproductive healthcare services at our trusted partner clinics, including ultrasounds, screenings, contraceptives, counseling, gender-affirming care, and more. We are assisting all Texans who are traveling out of state for care, along with Texans seeking care within our service areas (Austin, Houston, and San Antonio). We continue to offer information about pregnancy options, resources, and referrals for all Texans who call us.

Does Lilith Fund only help Texans? In certain parts of Texas?

A: Lilith Fund was founded in Austin, TX in 2001. We have deep roots in Texas and are experts in the abortion landscape of our state. Historically we have primarily supported Texans in the Central and Southeastern regions of Texas, but we are now available to support all people living in Texas as they navigate an increasingly hostile climate for reproductive rights and justice. 

Lilith Fund still needs you as we work through this heartbreaking SCOTUS decision and what it means for Texans and people across the country. We have been through many challenging moments in recent years and supporters like you have been with us every step of the way. However we move forward, we can’t do it without you.

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