Thank you to everyone who attended our 2013 workshops!

We will continue to schedule workshops throughout this year to broaden your understanding of issues affecting abortion access in Texas. We are excited that so many members of the community are interested in conversations like this and hope to offer more workshops as soon as possible.

The Lilith Fund is very pleased to continue our new community education opportunity.

We are organizing Community Continuing Education workshops in cities around Texas. These workshops are designed to deepen Lilith Fund volunteers’ and supporters’ knowledge, and to facilitate a conversation with the community about the complexities of reproductive justice. Lilith Fund volunteers and the general public are welcome.

Events will be announced as they are scheduled in 2014. Please watch this space for more information, as registration will be required for all participants.

Our first workshop, titled “Reproductive Justice and Intersectionality” presents the genesis and history of the term “reproductive justice” and discusses factors which intersect to limit Texans’ access to abortion – including poverty, income/assets, race, ethnicity, language, legal status, immigration, rape, partner violence, reproductive coercion, sexuality, gender identity, disability, illness, age, education and specific legislation and regulation.